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SEES field trip to Vaibhagiri Hill: Exploring vegetation pattern and invasive species in the area 

January 24, 2017

On January 22, 2017, students of the School of Ecology and Environment Studies enrolled in the elective “Ecology of Invasive Species” went for a field trip to Vaibhagiri Hill, which is one of the seven hills in Rajgir, to explore the vegetation pattern across the altitude gradient of the hill. 

Students hiked the hill to observe the native species present and various invasive species thriving in the area. Dr. Bharath Sundaram led the trip and helped the students to identify the invasive plants in the field which are one of the primary threats to biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Students were also introduced to various factors which induce the establishment and spread of the invasive plant species.

Students while trip to Vaibhagiri Hill
Students from the School of Ecology and Environment Studies exploring Vaibhagiri Hill during the Field Trip
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