Courses in the School of Historical Studies are divided between Core, Elective, and Language courses. Please note that not all courses are offered each semester and some courses are offered by visiting scholars.

Courses for Academic Year- 2023-24

Fall Semesters 1 and 3 for Batches of 2022-24
Spring Semesters 2 and 4 for Batches of 2023-24


  • List of Core and Electives under Cafeteria model offered by SHS
  • Structure of the Courses of all Semesters
  • Semester-wise Core and Elective Courses with Modules and Teachers
  • Time Table of Semesters
  • Teaching Work Load
  • List of Students in the 2 batches in the Academic year 2022-23
  • New Course [Proposals]

List of Core and Electives under Cafeteria model offered by SHS


  1. Birth of Civilizations
  2. World History: An Overview
  3. Routes in Asia and Beyond
  4. History and Archaeology
  5. Cultural History of India
  6. Cultural Anthropology/Ethno-archaeology
  7. Making Culture Portable: Maritime Interconnections in Indian Ocean
  8. Historical Archaeology
  9. Indian Art, Aesthetics and Architecture and its Impact.
  10. Framing History: Historiography


  1. Digital Humanities
  2. South Asian History
  3. Maritime History
  4. Pre and Proto Historic Archaeology in South Asia
  5. Economic History
  6. Contemplative Traditions: India and China
  7. History of Devotional Cultures: Sufism and Bhakti
  8. International Relations of India over the Ages
  9. Learning from Ruins: Nalanda through the Ages
  10. History of Science and Technology
  11. Shared Past India and South East Asia
  12. Indian Renaissance [1757-1917]
  13. Buddhist Historiography
  14. Topics in Environmental History
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