School of Management Studies

MBA in Sustainable Development & Management

Management education is at the cross roads where new products, solutions and business models need to be reinvented periodically given the challenges being posed by industry and institutions, not only on the market side but also on the environmental and social front. As the economies are gearing up to prepare themselves to tackle these situations, the new School of Management Studies at Nalanda University has been envisaged to facilitate them with the new fleet of skilled and talented management professionals ready to discover sustainable future for all. At Nalanda, we believe management education could play a pivotal role in environmental sustainability and social development thereby ensuring cleaner, greener and healthier societies and communities through innovative and inclusive business models. It is with the initiative and leadership of our Hon’ble Vice-chancellor Prof. Sunaina Singh that this school becomes functional with an innovative programme namely MBA in Sustainable Development & Management

The school aims at training upcoming managers and executives who would not only be sensitive to current trends of market for sustainable growth but also innovate solutions to the multifarious global challenges of sustainability. On these lines, through our comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to knowledge generation and dissemination through interactive and non-conventional pedagogy aimed at experiential learning, solution led thinking and critical enquiry, the students/ executives would be trained as techno-managers.

Over the next few years, we strive to engage in multi-stakeholder partnerships with Universities, corporations and institutions worldwide, especially to see that the school attains global leadership as a unique knowledge hub towards sustainable management and other emerging management paradigms. Through networking at international platforms on responsible management education, our efforts at the school will be to attract students and scholars from various streams in line with the vision of Nalanda University as it paves way for an innovative knowledge hub for 21 st century.


Establish School of Management Studies as a global leader in Responsible Management and other emerging management frontiers in creating sustainable models for development

Strategic Priorities:

  • Attain excellence in developing leadership thereby contributing to UN sustainable development goals
  • Develop a global knowledge hub in sustainability through pragmatic modes of learning
  • Establish networking with corporates, institutions and industry, to create multi-stakeholder partnerships in responsible management
  • Integration of sustainability in ASEAN and wider economies through modelling novel theory and practice
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