Campus Amenities

The Campus facilities play a pivotal role in improving the overall learning process as well as the mental and physical growth of the students. An adequate and right logistical support is a vital contribution towards facilitating a smooth run of academic activities, such as learning, teaching and research. Keeping this in view, Nalanda University has provided and maintained certain important facilities during the Academic Year under reporting.


After nearly a millennia (1000 years), in the re-emerging Nalanda University, the students have moved to live in on-campus housing. With this, Nalanda, in its new Avatar has achieved another milestone in August 2022, at the emergence of the ‘Amrit Kaal’.

The Residence Halls, like the Viharas of Nalanda, represent a very compact unit. The public spine along the central wet lands connects all the clusters and the amenities together. Each cluster caters to 80-100 students and total 24 buildings around 450 capacity Residence halls are currently boarded.

  • Tathagat Residence Hall for Women
  • Ajatshatru Residence Hall

Residence Halls

All the Residence Halls are allocated to the students based on their respective preference of rooms, but on first-come-first served basis. All the facilities like indoor and outdoor games, TV, common hall, computer lab, Wi-Fi, students’ pantry etc. are provided within the boundaries of the Residence Halls.


The dining area in the Residence Hall ensures a balanced meal for its students, keeping in mind their varied cultural backgrounds and food habits. The University is equipped with air-conditioned dining facility to serve hygienically prepared meals to students and staff. The University is also running a cafeteria on the campus to provide tea/coffee, soft drinks and healthy food items at a nominal cost.

Dining Hall & Cafeteria at University Campus


Frequent Shuttle services are provided for ferrying students from residence halls to academic block and library and for their return on all days of the week. Transportation facilities to nearby cities are available on weekly and/or monthly basis. Besides above arrangements special ordered transport services for nearby Airports, Railway Stations are also provided on request.

Shuttle Service for Students


The University established a five-bedded Primary Health Care Centre/mini-hospital to take care of the needs of the Nalanda community. The services of the Health Care Centre are being accessed 24x7 by students, faculty and staff of the University. The Health Care Centre is provided with the facility of Resident Doctors and Nurses, apart from visits by specialists on a regular basis. Important medical facilities, such as X-Ray, Pathology Laboratory, Pharmacy and Ambulance are made available round the clock.


The University has set up a 300-seater Sushma Swaraj Auditorium and a 100-seater Mini Auditorium with modern Audio-Visual facilities, including facility for Video Conferencing. These Auditorium are well equipped to host seminars, conferences, lectures of distinguished speakers and cultural programmes.

300-seater Sushma Swaraj Auditorium

100-seater Mini Auditorium


The University houses an English Communication Centre, which is an instructional facility designed to assist the university community with their communication needs at any stage. It helps in the writing process - from idea generation and organization to style, grammar, outlining essays and editing strategies. The Centre carries out a one-on-one communication to help students as required. Students can contact the Communication Centre for individual help with specific problems. The Communication Centre at Nalanda University also undertakes modules of Communicative English tutorials alongside classes to provide remedial/special assistance to students inclined to improve their communicative and writing skills.


Campus computer labs serve to integrate technology with higher education by providing users with multimedia services, computing-related services and workstations for instructional use as well as research. The University has one Computer Lab that is equipped with the latest technology and software, including all the necessary research tools, e.g., GIS, Matlab, and MiniTab. Researchers and students in all the schools may use the respective laboratory to practice what they learn in the classroom or for working on their projects, especially if they require specialized technical support.


The language laboratory facility is in the process of being established. It is planned to be a dedicated space for foreign language learning, where students can access audio or audio-visual content. This allows a teacher to listen to and manage student audio, which is delivered to individual students through headsets or in isolated ‘sound booths.’ Language labs are unique in promoting language acquisition and proficiency through one-on-one coaching, group practice and conversational skills.


Nalanda University endorses the view that sports play a pivotal role in shaping one’s personality and in maintaining good health. The University has developed a sports environment for student use in Residential Halls within the meager infrastructure available to us. Facilities for indoor games such as table tennis, have been provided, while the outdoor recreational areas house volleyball and badminton courts. A major sports complex housing all the sports with state-of-the-art facilities comparable with top international standards is under construction. When it is ready, the University assures a truly global experience to its students in both indoor and outdoor sports.

Cricket Match at Ajatshatru Residential Hall


The University supports various student societies primarily with the aim of directing students’ creative energies and dynamism in constructive directions towards building a strong character and an integrated personality. By assimilating diverse elements of culture, literature, art, music, dance, nature and sports activities, students can enrich their as well as others’ lives through community service, hone their outdoor skills as explorers, and develop photographic acumen. Nalanda University supports wide-ranging extracurricular activities to match as wide a range of student interest through the Sports Club, Awareness Society, Literary Society, Environment Club, Society for Culture and Arts as well as the Career Resource Cell to name a few.


Several outreach programs were designed to engage with Government of Bihar and local communities. The objective of the programs is to build a culture of structured grassroots engagement, which is an important and distinctive feature of the University. Learning is best served when students actively participate, both mentally and physically in the learning process. Field trips are taken to be vital components of learning at Nalanda. Hence, each School organizes supervised and safe recreational field trips at prescribed intervals, when the students experience a more holistic and an integrated picture of the information by accessing it directly. Field trips, thus serve to enhance classroom learning by complementing textual content with a hands-on and interactive experience on a regular basis.

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