List of all dissertations (last Two years)

Dissertation by the Master’s Students (2021-23) batch

  1. Aslihan Yayla. Madhyamakālaṃkāra of Śāntarakṣita: A Phenomenological Review.
  2. Pham Thi Thu Thao. Paticca-Samuppada And Catur-Ariya-Sacca (A Critical Study Of Dependent Origination And Four Noble Truths In Buddhism).
  3. Le Thi Duyen. An Analytical Study Of Perfection (Parami) In Mahayana Buddhism.
  4. Nguyen Thi Le Huyen. The Centrality Of Majjhima-Patipada ((Middle Path) In Buddhism – An Analysis.
  5. Yeab Yu. Role Of Jayavarman VII In Promoting Buddhism In Medieval Cambodia.
  6. Hoe Kuan Wong. The Spiritual Intervention To Palliative Care In Pali Literature
  7. Sulav Chakma. Tracing The Buddhist Lineage Of Chakmas: Interrogating Origin, History and Culture.
  8. Dok Sisapon.Impact Of Theravada Buddhism On The Education System Of Cambodia.
  9. Thoeurn Sona. Sammā Vācā: The Effective Interpersonal Communication.
  10. Ron Rin. Brahmavihara: The Basic Principle Of Social Welfare.
  11. Sina Saeidi. Order and Chaos in the Vedic and Avestan Traditions: A Conceptual Analysis.
  12. Nguyen Vu Hoang. Outlook And Methods Overcoming Depression According To Buddhist Psychology.
  13. Lai Thi Truc Giang. Therigātha – Theri Khemā – Grammatical Explanation And Commentary.
  14. Ho Thi Bich Phuong. The Ascendance To Higher Paths And Perpetual Liberation: Levels Of Happiness in The Mahasaropama Sutta.
  15. Pham Thanh Hoang. A Legacy And Continuity Of The Dvarapala Tradition In Ancient Art Of Champa With A Special Reference To The Nhan Son Dvarapalas
  16. Vo Thi Thien Hoa. The Doctrine of Skillful Means (Upāya-kauśalya): From Early Buddhism to the Mahayana Perod (With a Special Reference to The Lotus Sutra).
  17. Shani Ranjan Narayan. Memory Retention And Creation Of Divine Space In Exile: The Case Of Drepung Loseling Monastery (14th Century Tibet).
  18. Nguyen Hai Yen. The Progressive Way Of Cultivation Of Six Senses
  19. Tran Thi Gia Buu. Human Emotions Portrayed In The Suttapiṭaka: A Study of Fear And Its Eradication
  20. Truong Thi Tuyet Suong The Concept Of Mindfulness In Buddhist Texts: With Special Reference To Satipatthana And Buddhavatamsaka
  21. Pharada Samitamorn Jhāṇasutta: A Textual And Analytical Study Of Buddhist Meditation
  22. Pham Thi Kim Trinh. The Concepts Of Gratitude (Kataññutā) In Buddhism: A Study
  23. G.A.K Geeth Kumarathunga. The Journey Of Dhamma: Asokan Contribution For Consolidation And Exchanges In Buddhism
  24. Prithwin KP. Sonic Effects In Buddhist Performative Rituals: Exploring The Integration Of Carya Gītī And Contemporary Electronic Music.

Dissertation by the Master’s Students (2020-22) batch

  1. Kencho Wangmo. Reformation of Buddhist Traditional Etiquettes in Contemporary Bhutan: A Study of Restructuring sGrigs Lam rNam Zhag.
  2. Choeten Thinley. Happiness in the Buddhist context: A Bhutanese experience.
  3. Ngawang Tshering. Social Harmony in relation to Buddhist Text: “The Letter to Friend” by Nagarjuna and “The 37 practices of Bodhisattva” by Thokme Zangpo.
  4. Thubten Zepa Thegchog. A Comparative Study on Citta and Caitisika with reference to Abhidhamma and Abhidhrama Samucchaya.
  5. Savonn Morm. Buddhist Monasticism: A Case Study of Jayavarman VII reign in Cambodia.
  6. Meghna Bist. The Dynamic Intrinsicality of Dissent: A Fresh Look.
  7. Roonku Kranti Sagar. Female Donors at Bharhut: Nature of Endowment and Autonomy.
  8. Aditya Vardhan. Monastic Pedagogy in Contemporary Himalayan Buddhism: A Case Study of Spiti Valley.
  9. Deepak Kumar. Relocating Odantapuri Mahāvihāra: in Light of New Archaeological Findings from Bihar Sharif Hill.
  10. Maria Guadalupe Baez Enriquez. Hermeneutics of Śūnyatā in Madhyamika: Nagarjuna and beyond.
  11. Silvia Careli Lopez- Falfan. Vipassana Meditation and its impact on health: An empirical study with special reference to COVID-19.
  12. Kasun Subashana Jayasuriya. Exchanges, Trade and Monasticism: Tracing the commerce network on the ancient trade route from Rājagŗiha to Tamralipti (3rd Century BCE to 6th Century CE).
  13. Supadcha Srisook. Food Tradition in Buddhism: Comparison of Mahāyāna and Theravāda.
  14. Tuyet Thi Anh Truong. Bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara (Quan Am) in Vietnamese Culture, Literature and Art.
  15. Van Thi Thuy Chu. The Buddha’s Pedagogical methods as reflected in Digha Nikaya.
  16. Nguyen Thi Quy Sinh. The Buddhist Hermeneutics: The idea of Neyartha and Nitartha in Sandhinirmochna Sutra.
  17. Pham Ly Mong Van. An analysis of fear as emotion based on the Bhayabherava sutta.
  18. Suong Thi Minh Huynh. The study of Defilement (Kilesa) as reflected in the Vatthupama sutta in Majjhima Nikaya.
  19. Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan. Kasi Bhāradvāja Sutta – Grammatical Explanation and Commentary.
  20. Vo Thi Kim Nhi. Realisation of Truth: As Reflected in the Nikāya- s of Pali Cannon.
  21. Huynh Thanh Loan. Existence after Death: Analysis of Intermediate Body in Buddhism.
  22. Pham Thi Thanh Nu. Concept of Taṇha: As Reflected in Majjhhima Nikāya.
  23. Nguyen Thi Truc Le. The role of laities in Early Buddhism.
  24. Nguyen Thi Cua. Patronage at Nālandā Mahāvihāra : Implication on Education.
  25. Nguyen Thi Cong Loc. Buddhist Middle Path and Formation of Social Ethics in the Contemporary Vietnam Society.
  26. Nguyen Dieu Ni. The true leadership as reflected in the Nandiyamiga Jataka.
  27. Le Hoang Cat Tram. The Buddhist perspective on natural disaster: An analysis of Ratana Sutra.
  28. Huynh Kim Phung. Mahāpajāpatigotamītherīgāthā – Grammatical Explanation and Commentary.
  29. Hoang Thi Dieu Hanh. Therigātha – Paṭācārātherī – Grammatical Explanation And Commentary.
  30. Nguyen Thanh Thao. The unique Buddhist insights on the idea of virtue as reflected in Mahā Maṅgala Sutta.
  31. Le Quang Nhan. Sila and Morality: The role of harmony in Buddhist Monasticism
  32. Nguyen Quoc Anh. History and Revival: A Critical Study of Nālandā University.
  33. Le Thi Phuoc. The concept of Loving Kindness (Metta) in Milinda Panha.
  34. Phub Dorji. Raven crown of Wangchuck Dynasty of Bhutan: A Sacred Buddhist Symbol of Monarchy.
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