ASEAN-India Network of Universities (AINU)

ASEAN-India Network of Universities (AINU) is envisioned as the knowledge ecosystem forged through the linkages among the premier institutions and universities in India and ASEAN with Nalanda University as the nodal institution. The initiative is invested in framing and strengthening the paradigms of knowledge production in order to engage with region-specific concerns.


Hon’ble Prime Minister of India announced at ASEAN-India Commemorative Summit in New Delhi in January 2018 about setting up of a network of universities to encourage greater inter-university exchanges between India and ASEAN. The Government of India has designated the Nalanda University, Rajgir, to take the lead on the formation, as well as, sustenance of the AINU.


The AINU was launched at the ASEAN Headquarters, Jakarta on 29 August 2022.

ASEAN-India Network of Universities was announced by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India at ASEAN-India Commemorative Summit in New Delhi in January 2018

Under the collaborative venture the AINU offers a chance to the participating universities to twin with institutions in India and ASEAN. This will stimulate knowledge sharing, and eventually lead to the creation of a resource pool, under India and ASEAN. This would offer opportunities for knowledge sharing, including exchange of skills, competence, best practices and knowhow. This collaboration will ensure capacity building and creation of regional thought leaders from the Asia-Pacific in the emerging multi-polar world.


The AINU is planned as a joint project between India and ASEAN, in three fronts:

● Faculty Exchange

● Doctoral Student Exchange

● Joint PhD Research Supervision/ Joint Research


Focus Areas

The major fields that the AINU would explore are:

1. Engineering

2. Science and Technology

3. Policy and Lawmaking

4. Trade and Investments

5. Peace and Security

6. Sustainable Development

7. Humanities

8. Religion

9. Cultural Intersections

10. Blue Economy

In these areas, AINU would not only enable free flow of information and ideas, but also encourages regional cooperation and enables the institutions from India and ASEAN region to play an anchoring role in global research scenario by supporting teaching and research in these fields.


AINU-Faculty Exchange Programme

The programme involves exchange of faculty members from the participating institutions from India and ASEAN member states. The duration of exchange would be for one semester. During the visit, the faculty member will be required to offer courses, and undertake joint/collaborative research. This program will enable exchange of knowledge, expertise, skill. It will also bring in dynamism into the region in the academic arena. Keeping in mind the goals of mutual assistance, sustainable progress and equitable development, the AINU has been envisaged as a collective knowledge network. Several premier institutions and universities from India and ASEAN have already shared expression of interest to be part of the AINU consortium.

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