Certificate & Diploma Courses

Nalanda University started offering Certificate & Diploma Courses since 2018 with a focus on enabling students to acquire competence various languages and specialized areas. The University has started offering these programmes in line with the intent of diversification and community engagement. The programmes have been part of the efforts NU has taken up with an objective of engaging with inhabiting communities in the surrounding regions. Certificate of Proficiency and Diploma in Sanskrit, English and Korean were offered at the commencement. Gradually, Pali, Yoga, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) Programmes were added to the list of programmes offered. Also new short courses in emerging areas of knowledge like Nalanda Heritage; Bay of Bengal: An Introduction; Innovation & Leadership; Consciousness Studies: Perspective of Modern Science and Ancient Indian Wisdom etc. are being offered.


The language proficiency courses focus on providing competence in the respective languages as well as translation skills. Language Lab sessions form an integral component of these courses. The primary role of the lab is to create an environment where students feel comfortable speaking the language they are learning, and where they can get the help they need in their journey to learn a second or third language. Through the use of advanced language acquisition programmes, students actively take part in the process of foreign language acquisition. Here students access multi-media resources, including audio and visual aids, curated for language acquisition, keeping in mind their needs and global trends.


Diploma Courses Certificate Courses

1. Diploma in Sanskrit

2. Diploma in English

3. Diploma in Korean

4. Diploma in Pali

5. Diploma in Yoga

Certificate Courses

1. Certificate of Proficiency in Sanskrit

2. Certificate of Proficiency in Pali

3. Certificate of Proficiency in English

4. Certificate of Proficiency in Korean

5. Certificate in Yoga

6. Certificate in Remote Sensing and GIS

7. Certificate in Nalanda Heritage

8. Certificate in Bay of Bengal: An Introduction

9. Certificate in Innovation & Leadership

10. Certificate in Consciousness Studies

11. Certificate in Indo-Persian Heritage

12. Certificate in Geo-informatics

13. Certificate of Proficiency in Japanese

14. Certificate in Introduction to Buddhist Psychology


S.No. Name Designation
1. Prof. Panchanan Mohanty Visiting Faculty & Dean (I/C), SLL/H
2. Prof. Abhay Kumar Singh Professor and Dean, SHS (Co-opted Faculty)
3. Prof. Sushant Kumar Mishra Professor, SLL/H
4. Dr. Rajeev Chaturvedy Associate Professor, SHS (Co-opted Faculty)
5. Dr. Satya Narayan Shashtri Associate Professor, SEES (Co-opted Faculty)
6. Dr. Shreesha Udupa Associate Professor, SLL/H
7. Dr. Mir Islam Assistant Professor, SLL/H and Deputy Dean, STP
8. Dr. Kashshaf Ghani Assistant Professor, SHS (Co-opted Faculty)
9. Dr. Elora Tribedy Assistant Professor, SHS (Co-opted Faculty)
10. Dr. Pranshu Samdarshi Assistant Professor, SHS & SBSPCR (Co-opted Faculty)
11. Dr. Kumuda Prasad Acharya Assistant Professor, SLL/H & SBSPCR
12. Dr. Brenda Ly Assistant Professor, SBSPCR (Co-opted Faculty)
13. Dr. Pooja Dabral Assistant Professor, SBSPCR &SLLH
14. Dr. Smita Teaching Fellow, SLL/H
15. Mr. K. Dhammapal Teaching Associate, SLL/H
16. Ms. Divya Sharma Teaching Associate, SLL/H
17. Geshe Lungtok Teaching Associate, SLL/H & SBSPCR
18. Ms. Grace Lee Korean Language Instructor, SLL/H

Students of short-term programmes in the Language Laboratory

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