Professor Jaishanker R Nair.

Professor Jaishanker R Nair.

Dean (Officiating)
School of Management Studies

Dr Jaishanker R Nair is a Professor and Dean of the School of Ecology and Environment Studies, at Nalanda University. He is a postgraduate in agriculture and completed his doctoral research on optical remote sensing of vegetation. He worked on the semantics of sustainable development as part of his post-doctoral research.

Professor Nair is an ecological physicist who seeks to understand terrestrial ecological processes from a physical perspective. He pioneered the interdisciplinary program in Ecological Informatics in India. His pursuits into the challenges of multi-scale resource planning led to an emerging area that integrates ecology, technology, and society, which is gaining currency as the guardrails of sustainable development in the 21st century.

Under the theme of Ecological Informatics, Professor Nair integrated hyperspectral remote sensing with plant and colour sciences to establish a new branch of scientific study – floral radiometry. Over the last decade, his research has explored new frontiers in ecology through works on quantitative studies of traditional knowledge, floral strategies of terrestrial invasive angiosperms, acoustic characterisation of landscapes, and fractals in biodiversity.

Professor Nair has authored several peer-reviewed papers, four books and presented scientific papers at many conferences. He is a value-driven, empathetic transformational professional and compassionate leader who motivates colleagues to scale new heights every time.

Areas of Specialization:
-QuantitativestudiesinBiodiversityand Conservation.
-Earth Observation: Land use Land Cover change studies.
-Sustainable Development
-Floral Radiometry
-Bio-inspired design
-Acoustic Ecology (landscape acoustics)
-Invasion ecology (terrestrial angiosperms).

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