Distinguished Lecture: Post-harvest Loss Prevention, hunger mitigation, and other goals

January 28, 2016

A distinguished lecture was delivered in RICC seminar hall by Professor Prasanta K. Kalita on January 10, 2016 as part of the “Nalanda Distinguished Lecture Series”. The topic of his talk was “Global Postharvest Loss Prevention and the ADM Institute: A Multi-stakeholder Approach“

Prof. Prasanta K. Kalita is currently the Director and Professor at ADM Institute, University of Illinois, USA. In his talk at NU, Prof. Kalita, stressed on the need of preventing post-harvest losses (PHL) in order to combat hunger especially in developing countries like India. According to him, this can be possible by making supply chains more efficient. He also talked about how developing and developed countries stressed need to have different strategies since the situations and problems are completely different in the two cases. He also presented factual data on the current worldwide PHL situation, latest PHL data, and potential interventions for PHL prevention. Finally, he discussed various current international collaborations and other ongoing activities supported by the ADM Institute at the University of Illinois in the concerned area of research.

Detailed poster:

Distinguished Lecture: Post-harvest Loss Prevention, hunger mitigation and other goals
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