Distinguished Lecture: Transmigration, Renouncement, and Liberation in Indian philosophy

February 14, 2016

Dr. Silvia D’Intino, Senior Researcher from CNRS, Paris was at Interim Campus to give lecture on February 11, 2016. The title for the talk was: “The Last Life: Transmigration, Renouncement, Liberation”.

A specialist in Sanskrit philology and Vedic studies, Silvia D’Intino talked about the Brahmanic ideology on human life and after-life. She pointed to some Brahmanic sources and the philosophical traditions of early India during her lecture. Her engagement with the topic was highly provocative. According to her, if the end of transmigration appears as the essential step for achieving mokṣa, liberation goes hand in hand with the implicit ideal of a last life, leading to the exhaustion of karmaphalas, vāsanās… all sorts of spots and shadows affecting human existence, and offering a model for a perfect life, embodied both by the renouncer (saṃnyāsin) and the liberated-in-life (jīvanmukta). She also mentioned the ideal of a last life from Buddha’s biography to highlight the presence of a common thread of Indian ideas on human condition. Her lecture came as a work engaging with both the discipline – religious study and philosophical study.

Detailed poster:

lecture-poster on the last life
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