“Students should not forget the sacrifices made by Freedom Fighters and dedicate themselves to Nation” – Prof. Sunaina Singh, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor

August 15, 2018

“Students should try and not lose connect with the sacrifices of our forefathers who struggled for our independence and mark this day to dedicate themselves to the nation”, Said Prof. Sunaina Singh, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of Nalanda University while addressing the students and staff after unfurling the biggest flag in Bihar at the University campus. She hoisted the tricolor on the 100 feet flag pole that has become the pride of Rajgir, Nalanda where the University is temporarily housed. It is already known to the readers that the permanent campus is rapidly coming up in the sprawling 455 acre campus situated three kilometers from the present location of the University.

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Prof. Sunaina Singh stressed that students and youth should contribute to the society and the nation, lending their might to the process of nation building. She quoted the story of Satyakam Jabala from the Chandogya Upanishad as a shining example of a young boy whose thirst for knowledge could only be matched by his adherence to truth. Prof. Singh sighted many such examples to illustrate the ancient values that still holds good in today’s world. She said that India had the most secular and Universal system of education and encouraged the students to be vigorous in their pursuit of knowledge.

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The Vice Chancellor’s address was well received and was followed by a colourful cultural programme by the students including dance, poetry recitation and songs.

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