Master’s Dissertation

S.No. School Name Batch Dissertation Title Supervisor
1. SMS Kalyan Ray 2021-2023 Examining the ESG discourse of the top 20 international companies across various sectors. Dr. Muneer Ahmad Magry
2. SMS Win Naing 2021-2023 Corporate social responsibility (CSR) internal branding model: SME case in Yangon region, Myanmar. Dr. Anand Kumar
3. SMS Aulia Chandra Yunus 2021-2023 Study on PT. Bukit Asam Tbk ” enpowering the people’s economy by making crab crackers in Sidodadi village, Lampung” Dr. Muneer Ahmad Magry
4. SMS Urachat Boonsirikorakoj 2021-2023 The interrelationships among leadership vision, creative leadership, and organizational transformation towards sustainability. Dr. Muneer Ahmad Magry
5. SMS Sesty Sri Jayanti 2021-2023 Empowerment of the Sidodadi village community in Teluk Padhan, Pesawaran, Lampung through mangrove ecotourism by PT Bukit Asam Tbk. Dr. Anand Kumar
6. SMS Lepekola Pius Mahlo 2021-2023 Healthcare financing and sustainability of health systems: case of Lesotho. Dr. Muneer Ahmad Magry
7. SMS Mario Alberto Gomez Nicolau 2021-2023 Sustainable approach for smallholder cotton farmers in India: a systematic review. Prof. Sapna A. Narula
8. SMS Pyae Pyae Kaung 2021-2023 An analytical study on corporates’ water security: water stewardship practices, and their impacts on water consumption & financial performance. Dr. Anand Kumar
9. SMS Debangshu Jana 2021-2023 Long-term energy savings and GHG emissions reduction potential for India’s household sector. Dr. Anand Kumar
10. SMS Dipanto Kumar Sen 2021-2023 Reshaping the QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) policies. Dr. Muneer Ahmad Magry
11. SMS Iresh Kumar 2021-2023 Social enterprise consultancy & advisory. Prof. Sapna A. Narula
12. SMS Devraj Gupta 2021-2023 Impacts of an oilseed development project: a case study on the activities by AKRSPI Prof. Sapna A. Narula
13. SMS Subroto Kumar Biswas 2021-2023 Importance of GHG accounting in sustainability reporting. Dr. Anand Kumar
14. SMS Komal Sen 2021-2023 Developing a sustainability strategy for Biorad Medisys. Prof. Sapna A. Narula
15. SMS Roushan Mishra 2021-2023 Climate resilient & low carbon development pathways for Bihar (Disaster sector & project management work). Dr. Muneer Ahmad Magry
16. SMS Abhilash Mahapatra 2021-2023 Determining capacity building training effectiveness in Palahota village, Himachal Pradesh. Dr. Anand Kumar
17. SMS Akkas Aki 2020-2022 A comparative study on ESG performance of the top 100 Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) listed companies in India. Prof. Sapna A. Narula
18. SMS Damcho Wangmo 2020-2022 Exploring opportunities for vegetable value chains in Nalanda district of Bihar, India. Dr. Muneer Ahmad Magry
19. SMS Faisal Mohammed Zakari 2020-2022 Application of circular economy in Indian IT and electronic sector: a focus on water consumption, and post consumer recycling. Dr. Anand Kumar
20. SMS Seerat Tajamul 2020-2022 Analysis of climate action performances in energy based sector companies-evidences from India & Australia. Dr. Muneer Ahmad Magry
21. SMS Shubham 2020-2022 Just transition in Indian Brick Kiln Industry. Dr. Muneer Ahmad Magry
22. SMS Abhishek Kumar 2020-2022 CSR at Brillio, how MNCs are taking CSR as a tool for competitive advantage. Dr. Anand Kumar
23. SMS Sanskrithi Thakur 2020-2022 Monograph on impacts of CSR and sustainability: a study on the activities by Brillio. Dr. Annad Kumar
24. SMS Norlina Pasaribu 2020-2022 Evaluation of climate change policy in Indonesia, India, and Bangladesh. Prof. Sapna A. Narula
25. SMS Selma Mekondjo Nangombe Nasheya 2020-2022 Sustainability planning: a strategic analysis for commercializing UNAM’s bush-based animal feed. Dr. Muneer Ahmad Magry
26. SMS Pushpa Yadav 2020-2022 Analysis of ESG performance and gap of Oil India Limited. Prof. Sapna A. Narula
27. SMS Garrison B. Gaye 2020-2022 Exploring freshwater aquaculture skills in India and the potential to replicate same in Liberia, West Africa. Dr. Anand Kumar
28. SMS Md Khalid Miraj 2020-2022 Policy evaluation in tracking human rights-case of Bangladesh and Sri-Lanka selected companies. Dr. Muneer Ahmad Magry
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