Master’s Dissertation

S.No. School Name Batch Dissertation Title Supervisor
1. SBSPCR Pham Thi Thu Thao 2021-2023 A critical study of dependent origination and the four noble truths in Buddhism. Prof. Godabarisha Mishra
2. SBSPCR Le Thi Duyen 2021-2023 An analytical study of the Six Paramita (Perfection) in Mahayana Buddhism: from personal development to interpersonal development. Dr. Geshe Thupten Loden
3. SBSPCR Nguyen Thi Le Huyen 2021-2023 The centrality of Majjhimapatipada (middle path) in Buddhism- an analysis. Prof. Godabarisha Mishra
4. SBSPCR Yeab Yu 2021-2023 The role of Jayavarman VII in promoting Buddhism in medieval Cambodia. Dr. Elora Tribedy
5. SBSPCR Hoe Kuan Wong 2021-2023 The spiritual intervention to palliative care in Pali literature. Dr. Ven. (Brenda) Huong Xuan LY
6. SBSPCR Sulav Chakma 2021-2023 Tracing the Buddhist lineage of Chakmas: interrogating the origin history and culture. Dr. Pranshu Samdarshi
7. SBSPCR Dok Sisapon 2021-2023 Impact of Theravada Buddhism on the education system of Cambodia. Dr. Rajeshwar Mukherjee
8. SBSPCR Thoeurn Sona 2021-2023 Samma vaca: the effective interpersonal communication. Dr. Ven. (Brenda) Huong Xuan LY
9. SBSPCR Ron Rin 2021-2023 The role of Brahmavihara in education. Dr. Ven. (Brenda) Huong Xuan LY
10. SBSPCR Sina Saeidi 2021-2023 Order and chaos in the vedic and avestan traditions: a conceptual analysis. Prof. Godabarisha Mishra (Sup.) & Dr. Kumuda Prasad Acharya (Co-sup.)
11. SBSPCR Nguyen Vu Hoang 2021-2023 Outlook and method of overcoming depression according to the Buddhist psychology. Dr. Geshe Thupten Loden
12. SBSPCR Lai Thi Truc Giang 2021-2023 Therigatha Khema grammatical explanation and commentary. Dr. Ven. (Brenda) Huong Xuan LY
13. SBSPCR Ho Thi Bich Phuong 2021-2023 Levels of happiness in Mahasaropama sutta: ascendance to higher paths and perpetual liberation. Dr. Pranshu Samdarshi
14. SBSPCR Pham Thanh Hoang 2021-2023 A legacy of the ancient art of Champa: the Davrapala tradition and continuity with a special reference to the Nhan son Dvarapalas. Dr. Elora Tribedy
15. SBSPCR Vo Thi Thien Hao 2021-2023 The doctrine of skillful means (Upaya-kausalya): from early Buddhism to the Mahayana period (with special reference to Lotus sutra). Dr. Pranshu Samdarshi
16. SBSPCR Shani Ranjan Narayan 2021-2023 Memory retention and creation of divine space in exile: the case of drepung losel ling monastery (14th century Tibet) Dr. Geshe Thupten Loden
17. SBSPCR Nguyen Hai Yen 2021-2023 The progressive way of cultivation of six sense. Dr. Ven. (Brenda) Huong Xuan LY
18. SBSPCR Tran Thi Gia Buu 2021-2023 Human emotion portrayed in the sutta pitaka: a study of fear (Bhaya) and its eradication. Dr. Kumuda Prasad Acharya
19. SBSPCR Truong Thi Tuyet Suong 2021-2023 The concept of mindfulness in buddhist texts: (with special reference to satipatthana sutta and avatamsaka sutra) Dr. Rajeshwar Mukherjee (Sup)
/ Dr. Kumuda Prasad Acharya (Co-Sup.)
20. SBSPCR Pharada Samitamorn 2021-2023 Jhana sutta: a texual and analytical study of Buddhist of Buddhist meditation. Prof. Godabarisha Mishra
21. SBSPCR Pham Thi Kim Trinh 2021-2023 The concept of gratitude (Katannu) in Buddhism: a study. Dr. Kumuda Prasad Acharya
22. SBSPCR G.A.K. Geeth Kumarathu 2021-2023 The journey of dharma: Asokan contributions to the consolidation of and exchanges in Buddhism. Prof. Godabarisha Mishra
23. SBSPCR Prithwin KP 2021-2023 Sonic effects in Buddhist performance music: exploring the possibility of integrating Carya Giti in contemporary electronic music. Dr. Pranshu Samdarshi
24. SBSPCR Aslihan Yayla 2021-2023 Madhyamakalamkara of santaraksita: a phenomenological review. Dr. Pranshu Samdarshi
25. SBSPCR Huynh Thi Minh Suong 2021-2023 A study of the defilements (Kilesa) as reflected in the Vatthupama Sutta. Prof. Godabarisha Mishra (Sup.) &
Dr. Kumuda Prasad Acharya (Co-Sup.)
26. SBSPCR Kencho Wangmo 2020-2022 Restructuring sgrigs lam rnamgzhag: a study of contemporary reformation of traditional Bhuddhist etiquettes in Bhutan. Dr. Pranshu Samdarshi
27. SBSPCR Choeten Thinley 2020-2022 Happiness in the Buddhist context: a Bhutanese experience. Prof. Godabarisha Mishra
28. SBSPCR Ngawang Tshering 2020-2022 Social harmony in Buddhist texts: the letter to friend by Nagarjuna and the 37 practices of Bodhisattava by Thogme Zangpo. Dr. Ven (Brenda) Huong Xuan Ly
29. SBSPCR Thubten Zepa Thegchog 2020-2022 A comparative study of mind and the mental states in reference to Abhidharmma and Abhidharmasamuccaya. Dr. Ven (Brenda) Huong Xuan Ly
30. SBSPCR Savonn Morm 2020-2022 Buddhist monasticism: a case study of Jayavarman VII reign in Combodia. Prof. Anand Singh
31. SBSPCR Meghna Bist 2020-2022 The dynamic intrinsicality of Dissent: a fresh look. Prof. Anand Singh
32. SBSPCR Roonku Kranti Sagar 2020-2022 Female donors at Bharhut: nature of endowment and autonomy. Prof. Anand Singh
33. SBSPCR Aditya Vardhan 2020-2022 Monastic pedagogy in Himalayan Buddhism: a case study of the contemporary Spiti Valley. Dr. Pranshu Samdarshi
34. SBSPCR Deepak Kumar 2020-2022 Relocating Odantapuri Mahavihara in light of new archaeological findings from Bihar Sharif. Dr. Elora Tribedy
35. SBSPCR Maria Guadalupe Baez Enriquez 2020-2022 Hermeneutics of Sunyata and development of Madhyamika traditions. Prof. Godabarisha Mishra
36. SBSPCR Silvia Careli Lopez- Falfan 2020-2022 Vpassana meditation and its impact on health: an empirical study with special reference to Covid-19. Dr. Naveen G H
37. SBSPCR Kasun Subashana Jayasuriya 2020-2022 Exchanges trade and monasticism: tracing the commerce network on the ancient trade route from Rajagriha to Tamralipti(3rd century BCE to 6th Century CE). Prof. Anand Singh
38. SBSPCR Supadcha Srisook 2020-2022 Food tradition in Buddhism: comparison between Mahayana and Theravada Dr. Ven (Brenda) Huong Xuan Ly
39. SBSPCR Tuyet Thi Anh Truong 2020-2022 Bodhisattva avalokitesvara(Quan an) in the Vietnamese culture, literature and art. Dr. Elora Tribedy
40. SBSPCR Van Thi Thuy Chu 2020-2022 The Buddha’s pedagogical methods as reflected in the Digha Nikaya. Prof. Anand Singh
41. SBSPCR Van Pham Ly 2020-2022 An analysis of fear as emotion based on the of Bhayabherava Sutra. Prof. Godabarisha Mishra & Dr. Kumuda Prasad Acharya
42. SBSPCR Suong Thi Minh Huynh 2020-2022 A study of the Defilements(Kilesa) as reflected in the Vatthupama Sutta. Prof. Godabarisha Mishra (Sup.) & Dr. Kumuda Prasad Acharya (Co-Sup.)
43. SBSPCR Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan 2020-2022 Kasi bharadvaja sutta-grammatical explanation and commentary. Dr. Ven (Brenda) Huong Xuan Ly
44. SBSPCR Vo Thi Kim Nhi 2020-2022 Realization of truth: as reflected in the nakayas of the Pali cannon. Prof. Godabarisha Mishra
45. SBSPCR Huynh Thanh Loan 2020-2022 Existence after death: an analysis of intermeditate existence (Antara Bhava in Buddhism). Prof. Godabarisha Mishra
46. SBSPCR Pham Thi Thanh Nu 2020-2022 Concept of tanha as reflected in Majjhima Nikaya. Dr. Pranshu Samdarshi
47. SBSPCR Nguyen Thi Truc Le 2020-2022 The role of laities in early Buddhism. Prof. Anand Singh
48. SBSPCR Nguyen Thi Cua 2020-2022 Patronage at Nalanda Mahaviraha implication on education. Dr. Elora Tribedy &

Prof. Godabarisha Mishra
49. SBSPCR Nguyen Thi Cong Loc 2020-2022 Buddhist middle path and formation of social ethics in contemporary Vietnam. Dr. Pranshu Samdarshi
50. SBSPCR Nguyen Dieu Ni 2020-2022 The true leadership as reflected in the Nandiyamiga Jataka. Prof. Godabarisha Mishra (Sup.) & Dr. Kumuda Prasad Acharya (Co-Sup.)
51. SBSPCR Le Hoang Cat Tram 2020-2022 The Buddhist perspective on natural disaster and degradation on Eco-system: an analysis of the Ratana Sutra. Prof. Godabarisha Mishra
52. SBSPCR Huynh Kim Phung 2020-2022 Therigatha-Mahapajapati-Grammatical explanation and commentary. Dr. Ven (Brenda) Huong Xuan Ly
53. SBSPCR Hoang Thi Dieu Hanh 2020-2022 Therigatha-Patacaratheri-Grammatical explanation and commentary. Dr. Ven (Brenda) Huong Xuan Ly
54. SBSPCR Nguyen Thanh Thao 2020-2022 The unique Bhuddhist insights on the idea of virtue as reflected in Maha Mangala Sutta. Prof. Godabarisha Mishra
55. SBSPCR Le Quang Nhan 2020-2022 Sila and morality: the role of harmony in Buddhist monasticism. Dr. Pranshu Samdarshi
56. SBSPCR Nguyen Quoc Anh 2020-2022 History and revival of Nalanda University: a critical study. Dr. Elora Tribedy (Sup.) & Prof. Godabarisha Mishra (Co-Sup.)
57. SBSPCR Le Thi Phuoc 2020-2022 The concept of loving-kindness (Metta) in Milindapanha. Prof. Anand Singh
58. SBSPCR Phub Dorji 2020-2022 Buddhist symbolism and monarchy: raven crown of Wangchuck dynasty of Bhutan. Dr. Pranshu Samdarshi
59. SBSPCR Ho Thi Xuan 2019-2021 Royal patronage to the Bhikshuni Sangha: a study in the context of early Indian Buddhism. Prof. Anand Singh
60. SBSPCR Shyam George 2019-2021 Metaphysics of Soul and Mind: a Study in Indic Views.
61. SBSPCR Hok Chheangkhy 2018-2020 The characteristics of Sanskrit in Khmer language. Dr. Bipin Kumar Jha
62. SBSPCR Nguyen Huynh Xuan Trinh 2018-2020 Study Of karmic retributions and transfer of merit in Kṣitigarbhasūtra. Prof. Asanga Tilakaratne
63. SBSPCR Phanith Pich 2018-2020 The impacts of Hinduism on Cambodian society. Prof. Anand Singh
64. SBSPCR Aditya Kumar Jha 2017-2019 A floating self comparative enquiries through dream Yoga (RMI-LAM) and Yoganidra. Dr. Aleksandra Wenta
65. SBSPCR Manuel Antonio Ato Del Avellanal Carrera 2016-2018 The marching Buddha: on the social philosophy of engaged Buddhism and the aspiration of a new yina. Dr. Sean Kerr
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