Master’s Dissertation

S.No. School Name Batch Dissertation Title Supervisor
1. SHS Namgay Dorji 2021-2023 Gross national happiness as the development philosophy of Bhutan. Dr. Kashshaf Ghani
2. SHS Leki Dorji 2021-2023 Understanding the past through images: a study in visual history of Bhutan. Dr. Shreesha Udupa
3. SHS Do Quang Hoang Thang 2021-2023 Diplomatic relations in Buddhist canonical literature: the ideal of interdependence in world order. Dr. Pranshu Samdarshi
4. SHS Bambang Widyonarko 2021-2023 Java-Dvipa: knowledge transmission and legitimation in Java during the 15th-17th centuries. Dr. Amita Satyal
5. SHS Yuni Saputri 2021-2023 Tracing Indian heritage in Indonesia: case study of the Aceh community from an ethnographic perspective. Dr. Elora Tribedy
6. SHS Penjor Tashi 2021-2023 Tracing the development of Bhutanese coinage from 16th century to present. Dr. Tosabanta Padhan
7. SHS Kinley Dorji 2021-2023 Land routes and the evolution of Bhutan: a historical study. Dr. Rajeev Ranjan Chaturvedy
8. SHS Sor Hol 2021-2023 Indian influence on ancient Khmer: a study of Angkor Wat. Prof. Abhay Kumar Singh (Sup.)
/ Dr. Elora Tribedy (Co-Sup.)
9. SHS Akshaya Akriti 2021-2023 A study of the pala period colossal Buddha images and their tantric contexts. Prof. Abhay Kumar Singh
10. SHS Tshewang Dema 2020-2022 Rituals and cultural traditions in Bhutan. Dr. Kashshaf Ghani
11. SHS Tshewang Choden 2020-2022 The position of women in the history and culture of Bhutan. Prof. Abhaya Kumar Singh
12. SHS Pema Choden 2020-2022 Chodpala: a harvest ritual of Bhutan. Dr. Tosabanta Padhan
13. SHS Karma Nidup 2020-2022 Histoey of Bhutan’s transition towards modernisation: political, economic and social. Dr. Rajeev Ranjan Chaturvedy
14. SHS Mitali Dixit 2020-2022 Exploring the historical textual and literary aspect of Rigveda. Dr. Amita Satyal
15. SHS Divyendu Divakar Kashyap 2020-2022 Human mobilities in prehistory: exploring relationships between climate environment and disease (70000-20000 B. P.). Dr. Amita Satyal
16. SHS Anocha Simma 2020-2022 Cultural appropriation and transformations of religious figures in popular culture. Dr. Elora Tribedy
17. SHS Kasun Subashana Jayasuriya 2020-2022 Exchanges trade and monasticism: tracing the commerce network on the ancient trade route from Rajagriha to Tamralipti (3rd century BCE to 6th century CE). Prof. Anand Singh &

Prof. Abhaya Kumar Singh

18. SHS P. Anantha Krishna 2019-2021 Cultural Interaction and exchange between southest Asia and Ancient Tamilakam(600 CE-1200 CE). Dr. Kashshaf Ghani
19. SHS Nidhi Priya 2019-2021 History of the uttarapatha: a study of the Northern trade route networks. Dr. Amita Satyal
20. SHS Oshin Vipra Sagar 2019-2021 Buddhism and tantra in Mithila exploring the cultural history of Mahishi’s Ugratara Shrine, 6th – 12th c. CE. Dr. Amita Satyal
21. SHS Rohith Krishna 2019-2021 Through the less of time: time and the discourse of universal Religion. Dr. Shreesha Uduppa
22. SHS Athil Bannav 2018-2020 Masked identity: an ethnographical narrative on the facial writing of theyyam. Dr. Shreesha Udupa (Sup.),
Dr. Mayank Shekhar (Co-Sup.)
23. SHS Kajal Chaudhary 2018-2020 Hansa mehta and her contributions: a study based on archival resources. Dr. Mayank Shekhar (Sup.),
Dr. Shreesha Udupa (Co-Sup.)
24. SHS Lungten Jamtsho 2018-2020 Significance of dzongs in the unification on Bhutan (17th to 20th Century. Dr. Kashshaf Ghani &
Dr. Shreesha Udupa
25. SHS Tshewang Ngedup 2018-2020 Zhabrung ngawang namgyal and the process of state formation in Bhutan (17th to early 20th century. Prof. Pankaj Mohan &
Dr. Kashshaf Ghani
26. SHS Chencho Dorji 2018-2020 Cultural history of mandala: understanding the sacred and the secular in Bhutan’s Buddhist art. Dr. Amita Satyal
27. SHS Yeshey Wangmo 2018-2020 Gyankhang, a cultural history: women belief and the practice of tradition in Bhutan. Dr. Amit Satyal
28. SHS Ashmita Singh 2017-2019 An ethnography of possession as observed during the Naurato Ashtami Mela. Prof. Yann-Pierre Montelle
29. SHS Ripunjay Nath 2017-2019 Aspects of Muslim society in Assam (1205 to 1682 A.D.). Dr. Kashshaf Ghani
30. SHS Shiva Madhuri Pandi 2017-2019 Annamacharya sankeerthanas (1408 – 1503 A.D.)- historical perspectives and translations. Dr. Kashshaf Ghani
31. SHS Manjay Kumar 2016-2018 Monetary reforms of sixteenth century and their longue duree impacts on prices. Dr. Murari Jha
32. SHS Akiro Nakamura 2014-2016 A study of water management as reflected through architecture at Mansar.
33. SHS Shaashi Ahlawat 2014-2016 Representations of avalokitesvara from Nalanda in Dharmachkra-Pravatana-Mudra: an art historical approach. “Dr. Abhishek S. Amar
Dr. Sraman Mukherjee”
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