Master’s Dissertation

M.Sc. dissertation topic: 2017-19 Batch

S.No. Topic Student Name Supervisor Co-Supervisor
1. Governing Common Pool Resources by Faith: A Case Study in Bhutan Bikram Sharma Aviram Sharma
2. Prosumer Culture- A socio-environmental investigation of decentralized PV Technology C. Vadivel Aviram Sharma
3. Biomimicry – New route to nature inspired architecture? Rakhi Kashyap Aviram Sharma
4. Impact of Environmental Change on Women tea labours of Darjeeling Tea Industry. Shikha Shalini Aviram Sharma
5. Understanding the diffusion and adoption dynamics of System of Rice Intensification in Bihar TulikaBourai Aviram Sharma
6. Unlocking the potential of Eco-tourism in Rajgir Arockia EJ Ferdin Bhaskar Sinha
7. Enhancing Livelihood through Integrated Livestock Management and Tannery Industry in Zimbabwe’ Mary Maparanyanga Bhaskar Sinha
8. Assessing the Socio-economic Impacts of Community Forestry (CF) on Livelihood and Conservation. A study from Yurung community forest (YCF) under Pemagatshel dzongkhag1, Bhutan. Pema Wangda Bhaskar Sinha
9. Fuelwood Dependence and socioeconomic conditions of hospitality industry of protected areas: A Case of Ratnagiri hill-Pant Wildlife Sanctuary Geetanjali Das Kishore Dhavala
10. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Household-Biogas in Rural Areas of Samaste dist. of Bhutan Indra Jeet Sunuwar Kishore Dhavala
11. Assessing Nigeria’s Energy Transition from High to Low Carbon Economy Raihana Mustapha Kishore Dhavala
12. Characterization and interaction of biochar synthesized from Lantana camarawith arsenic in soil Deepa Kundu Prabhakar Sharma Sayan Bhattacharya
13. Fate and Transport of Inorganic Contaminants and Nanoporous Alumina in Saturated Porous Media Rakesh Kumar Prabhakar Sharma
14. Sampling and analysis of microplastic in Ganga River near Patna Rashmi Singh Prabhakar Sharma
15. An Assessment of Public Behaviour and Awareness towards E-Waste in Ranchi City Richa Kumari Prabhakar Sharma
16. Scope of Solar Energy in Nalanda District: Rooftop PV for domestic electrification and standalone system for irrigation: A case study using GIS Ankit Pandey Sarnam Singh KsihoreDhavala
17. Monitoring of Lhonak Glacier, North Sikkim using Glacial Mass Balance- Remote Sensing Model Arpan Sharma Sarnam Singh
18. Groundwater quality mapping tousing Geo spatial technique of Sheikhpura district Ritesh Kumar Sarnam Singh Prabhakar Sharma
19. Assessment of tree phytomass in Rajgir Hills using geospatial technology Shiv Narayan Singh Sarnam Singh Bhaskar Sinha
20. Challenges and opportunities in solid waste recycling; a case of Harare Urban (Mbare, Epworth and Mabvuku), Zimbabwe Felistas Hama Sayan Bhattacharya
21. Socio-Environmental consequences of Ecotourism development in Pelling, Sikkim Purnima Tandan Sayan Bhattacharya
22. Faith in Conservation: An Ecocritical Reading of the Folktales from the Sundarbans Shambhobi Ghosh Sayan Bhattacharya
23. An environmental history of resource usage and conservation: A post colonial analysis of the colonial Rajgir forests Suddhabrata Chakraborty Sayan Bhattacharya
24. Assessment of Urban Forestry Potential in Patna Urban, Using Geo-spatial Technology Pawan Kumar ShyamPhartyal Sarnam Singh
25. Gender roles and power dynamics in livestock management in selected villages of Nawada, Bihar: An intersectional approach ShiwaniKatiyar ShyamPhartyal
26. Sustainable drinking water supplies in a small-town (Rajgir) Amar Preet Kaur Somnath Bandyopadhyay
27. Fecal sludge management in a small-town (Rajgir) Gayatri Kumari Somnath Bandyopadhyay Sayan Bhattacharya
28. School sanitation in a small-town (Rajgir) Shreya Mukhopadhyay Somnath Bandyopadhyay

Details of Master’s Dissertation 2016-2018

S. No.
Title Student Supervisor
1 The Ecology and Implications of Domestic Dogs in the Rajgir Area Aayush Verma Bharath Sundaram
2 Potential of Decentralized Approaches in Sewage Treatment Aditi Roy Somnath Bandyopadhyay
3 Bio-Medical Waste Management and Handling Practices-A Case Study of BiharSharif Aishwarya Pattanaik Sayan Bhattacharya
4 Willingness-to-Pay for Improved Quality of Drinking Water: A Comparative Study in Rural South Bihar Amit Kumar Srivastwa Somnath Bandyopadhyay
5 Characterisation of Agroforestry Systems in Nalanda District Amit Shubhanshu B. Mohan Kumar
6 Extent of Exotic Woody Perennials in Pant Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajgir Anurag Kumar Bharath Sundaram
7 Household Willingness to Pay for Door to Door Waste Collection Service: A Case of Rajgir Anurodh Sachdeva Kishore k. Dhavala
8 Traditional Ecological knowledge and Environmental Conservation in Indigenous Communities: A Studay in Bolpur, India Arijit Banerjee Sayan Bhattacharya
9 Urban Inundation: Challenges and Opportunity A Case Study of Siadpur, Patna Arnav Shukla Somnath Bandyopadhyay
10 A Study of Drinking Water Practices in the Selected Arsenic Affected Villages of Bhojpur, Bihar Arunesh Upadhayay Aviram Sharma
11 An Analysis of Conservation Perception, Attitudes and Opinion of the Domestic Visitors of Nalanda Mahavihara Ashish Suman Kishore K. Dhavala
12 Environmental and Health Problems of Chin Refugees in Delhi Bawi Hlei Hu Pushpa Kumar
13 Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU) Change in Tamilnadu During the Past Half Century Dhivyalakshmi . S B. Mohan Kumar
14 Understanding the Relation Between Neighborhood Built Environment & Walking in Dispur, Assam Dhritiman Barman Aviram Sharma
15 Biomass and carbon Stock Assessment of Seabuckthorn (Hippophae Rhamnoides L.) in Spituk, Leh, Ladakh Gaurav kumar Prabhakar Sharma
16 Assessment of Women and Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project Integration in Nawada Geetanjali Prasad Kishore k. Dhavala
17 Socio-Cultural Barriers in Eliminating Open- Defecation: A Case Study of Laterine Adoption in Rajgir, Bihar Harsh Yadava Prabhakar Sharma
18 Hydrogeochemical Analysis of High Altitude Sikkim Himalayan Lakes in Kanchandzonga National Park Himadri Sekhar Haldar Prabhakar Sharma
19 Land degradation in Bihar: An Assessment Using Rain-Use Efficiency and Residual Trend Analysis Ibrahim Abubakar Radda B. Mohan Kumar
20 Environmental Management and Safety at Anglo
American Platinum Mines in South Africa
James Runyowa Pushpa Kumar Lakshmanan
21 Revisiting Community Based Traditional Irrigation System in South Bihar Kumar Gaurav Aviram Sharma
22 Decentralized Storage for Perishables in South Bihar Nikky Kumar Jha Somnath Bandyopadhyay
23 Effect of the Factors Contributing to Tropical Cyclone Damages-A Case Study of Andhra Pradesh Pawan Kumar Kishore K. Dhavala
24 Smart Urbanism in Rural Bihar: Envisioning Biharsharif as a Smart City Praveen Kumar V.S Aviram Sharma
25 Potential of Socio-Economic and Environmental Impacts due to Deployment of Solar Mini-Grid on Rural electrification Preeti Kumari Prabhakar Sharma
26 Cost of Cultivation of Principal Crops in Bihar: A Time-Series Analysis Sonal Jain B. Mohan Kumar
27 Enhancing Livelihood Interventions in Solid Waste Management in BodhGaya Sonam Gupta Bharath Sundaram
28 Effectiveness of Solar/electric fencing in Reducing Human-Elephant Conflicts: A Case Study of Senge Geoge in Sarpang District, Bhutan Sonam Peldon B. Mohan Kumar
29 Zero Budget Natural farming: Is it Sustainable ? Sonia Sharma Bharath Sundaram
30 Access and benefit Sharing for Conservation of Traditional Medicinal Knowledge in Rajgir, Bihar Sristi Jha Pushpa Kumar
31 Human-Wildlife Conflict: Crop Depredation and its Socio-Economic Impact to The Farmers of UESU Block, HAA District, Bhutan
Tashi Tenzin
Sayan Bhattacharya
32 Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services of Kanwar Taal, Begusarai, Bihar Tatsama Motilal

Tashi Tenzin
Kishore k. Dhavala
33 Forest Diversion and Its Environmental Impact: A Case Study of District Deoghar, Jharkhand
Uma Bharti
Pushpa Kumar
34 Challenges in the Implementation of Nagoya Protocol: A Case of Synthetic Biology
Vipasha Bhardwaj
Pushpa Kumar Lakshmanan
35 Cost of Cultivation of Principal Crops in Bihar: A Time-Series Analysis
Sonal Jain
B. Mohan Kumar

Details of Master’s Dissertation 2015-2017

S. No.
Title Student Supervisor
1 Disturbances in FloodPlain Wetlands of Harohar River Basin , Nalanda District, Bihar Ashna Singh Dr. Prasad Avinash Pathak
2 Exploring Sustainable Livelihood Diversification and Women Empowerment in Rural Bihar: The Role of Public Institutions Aparna Jha Dr. Aviram Sharma
3 Impact of Dredged Material Dumping on Macrobenthic Community Tanushree Mundra Dr. Riddhika Kalle
4 Examination of Relationship between Urban Transport Network and Landslides in Hakha City, Chin State , Myanmar Salai K Chha Nge Dr. Prasad Avinash Pathak
5 Access and Benefit Sharing Relating to Traditional Knowledge and Genetic Resources: A Case Study of 2 Villages in South Bihar Manya Singh Dr. Pushpa Kumar Lakshmanan
6 Diurnal Activity time – budget and bahavioral response of Black – necked Cranes, Grus nigricollis, to human disturbances, in foraging habitats of Bumdeling and Yangtse Geogs in Trashiyangtse, Bhutan Rinzin Lhamo Dr. Riddhika Kalle
7 Comparative Analysis of Centre and State Thermal Power Plants in Bihar Kumar Abhishek Singh Dr. Kishore Dhavala
8 Vegetation Mapping , Diversity and Community Structure in Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary , Amjharsa Beat Anupam Adarsh Dr. Riddhika Kalle
9 Flowing Fluid Electric Conductivity Logging for Detail Hydrogeological Information of Shallow Aquifer Anurag Verma Dr. Prabhakar Sharma
10 Relationship of groundwater fluctuation with the Land Use , Elevation , Aquifer type and Water Consumption of Rajgir for Post Monsoon Period Nabaprabhat Paul Dr. Prabhakar Sharma
11 Environment Management For Long – Term Case Study: Namngiepl Hydropower Project Bolikhamxay Province- Laos Kongpheng Moua Dr. Sayan Bhattacharya
12 Carbon Emission Reduction Scenarios and the Prospects of Emission Trading in India Deekshith Nevil Pinto Dr. Kishore Dhavala
13 Transport of Biochar in saturated porous medium under various physical and Chemical Conditions Oindrila Ghosh Dr. Prabhakar Sharma
14 Potential of Rajgir as a Wellness Tourism Hotspot with focus on HotSprings Rashmita Sharma Dr. Somnath Bandyopadhyay
15 Current Scenario of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Biharsharif Pradeep Kumar Jha Dr. Prasad Avinash Pathak
16 Revisiting Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad as a People`s Science Movement: Analysing the Environmental Turn Arvind G. Christo Dr. Aviram Sharma
17 Kidney Stone Prevalence and Identification of the Vulnerable Population Groups: A Seven Year Retrospective Study IPGME &R, Kolkata Subhadeep Das Dr. Kishore Dhavala
18 Niche Partitioning in some Common Birds in and around Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary Dibyendu Biswas Dr. Riddhika Kalle
19 Sustainability of Solar based Rural water supply systems : A case study in South Bihar Aishwarya Alexander Dr. Somnath Bandyopadhyay
20 Tourism and Earthquake Disaster Management to Enhance Disaster Risk Reduction: A case study from Nalanda District Kundan Sagar Dr. Pushpa Kumar Lakshmanan
21 Medicinal Plants in the Broad – Leaf Mixed Coniferous Forests of Tshothang Chiwog, Eastern Bhutan: Floristic Attributes, Vegetation structure, and Socio- Economic Aspects Ngawang Jamba Prof. B. Mohan Kumar
22 Economic Valuations as Policy Guidance for Biodiversity Conservation: A Case Study of Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary Swarnika Sharma Dr. Somnath Bandyopadhyay
23 Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights in Conservation of Traditional crop varieties: A case study of Wayanad Swathi M P Dr. Pushpa Kumar Lakshmanan
24 An Integrated Study of the Chemical and Physical Parameters of Hot springs in Rajgir: in the purview of Socio – Environmental Impacts Himani Saini Dr. Sayan Bhattacharya
25 Design of Filter System Using Nanotechnology Based AMF Mechanism for Fluoride and Boron Contamination in Water Abinash Mohanty Dr. Prabhakar Sharma
26 Floristic and Socioeconomic Aspects of Medicinal Plants in the Temperate Broad – Leaf Forests of Lachung Valley, North Sikkim Deeke Doma Tamang Prof. B. Mohan Kumar
27 Socio Economic Perspective of Fuel Wood Consumption in Rajgir Sayantan Haldar Dr. Kishore Dhavala
28 Post Mining Land Reclamation and Ecological Restoration with Special Context to Coal mining Industries in Jharkhand Nazia Zafar Dr. Somnath Bandyopadhyay
29 An Evaluation of the Mangrove Conservation Programmesin Bogalay Township, Ayeyarwaddy Region , Myanmar Naw Klay Paw Prof. B. Mohan Kumar
30 Solid Waste Management at Religious Tourism Sites: Case of Rajgir Sagarika Srivastava Dr. Somnath Bandyopadhyay
31 Land Degradation in Anantapur District : Impact on Agriculture and Coping strategies
Syed Miran Sibghatullah
Dr. Prasad Avinash Pathak
32 Influence of Wildlife Conservation Interventions on Gond Community: A Case Study From Pench Tiger Reserve
Saket Agasti
Aviram Sharma

Details of Master’s Dissertation 2014-2016

Title Student Supervisor
1 Soil Characterisation of Three Micro – Watersheds near Lake Ghora Katora, Rajgir Jyothirmayee Kandula Dr. Prabhakar Sharma
2 Energy Access and Renewable Energy Options – Challenges and Opportunities for Bihar
GaneshDeekshith Siragam
Dr. Pushpa Kumar Lakshmanan
3 Ecosystem Services from Seasonal Rivers and Associated Livelihood Strategies in District Nalanda, Bihar Sana Salah Dr. Somnath Bandyopadhyay
4 Value Chain Analysis of Wheat in East Champaran District, Bihar, India Arun Gandhi Dr. Prabhakar Sharma
5 National Agroforestry Policy, 2014: A Comparative Analysis and Conceptual Reflections Machane Daniel I. Prof. B. Mohan Kumar
6 An Analysis of Value Chain for Rice in East Champaran District and Losses in the Supply Chain Anshuman Shekhar Dr. Sayan Bhattacharya
7 Ecotourism for Economic Growth and Environment Protection in Kabar Taal , Bihar Lubna Khan Dr. Pushpa Kumar Lakshmanan
8 Fluoride in groundwater and Public Perception of Drinking Water Quality in Roh Block of Nawada, Bihar Ranjit Kumar Dr. Aviram Sharma
9 Comparative Analysis of Centre and State Thermal Power Plants in Bihar Kumar Abhishek Singh Dr. Kishore Dhavala
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