SHS MA Students Batch 2016

Shaashi Ahlawat

Bahadurgarh, Haryana, India

Shaashi has a Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology and was awarded an academic scholarship in school and college. Her research interest is in Art History focusing on South Asian Buddhist Art. In the future, she plans to pursue a career in Art History. She is passionate about bringing her knowledge from the field of computer technology to the field of Art History for the purpose of making art-material traces from South Asia’s rich heritage more accessible to the masses. With this ambition she is moving ahead in the emerging discipline of digital humanities. Talking about her experience as a student at Nalanda University she says, “I have never experienced this kind of challenge in academics and the amount of intellectual stimulation that we receive. I want this model of learning to be followed at the school level as well.”

Ngawang Jamthso


Ngawang is doing his Master’s in the School of Historical Studies. He has taught for twelve years at the Institute of Language and Culture Studies, Taktse, Royal University of Bhutan and has a background in Buddhist Studies. Speaking about Nalanda University he says, “The rich history of the ancient university, interdisciplinarity of the curriculum in the current University and the focus on research attracted me here. The ancient Nalanda University’s dynamic teaching and learning tradition attracted intellectual minds from all around the world and the new University’s vision is also to do the same.” He plans to return to the Institute of Language and Culture Studies, Taktse, Royal University of Bhutan after completing his Master’s.

Akiro Nakamura

Tokyo, Japan

Akiro has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Indian Philosophy and Buddhist Studies and a Master of Arts degree in Indian Literature, Indian Philosophy and Buddhist Studies. He has also studied music for a number of years and has worked as an accountant in a social media enterprise. His primary research interest is in Archaeology specialising in South Asia, particularly India. When asked why he chose NU for postgraduate studies, Akiro says, “Rajgir, the ancient Nalanda site and surrounding areas are special places for those pursuing Archaeology and Buddhist Studies. I had read the Lotus Sutra and XiyouJi (The Journey to the West) before applying to NU; these books are connected to the ancient Nalanda university. The present-day Nalanda University is the ideal place to pursue archaeology and historical studies specially because it has a geographical advantage of being near the Nalanda as well as Telhara ruins.”

Pavni Sairam

Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India

Pavni has an undergraduate degree in Electronics and Instrumentation. She believes that almost all answers to world’s problems can be found through a blend of Technology and Humanities. This along with her natural inclination to study Humanities attracted her towards Historical Studies. She says, “The way in which we get educated is as important as getting educated. The ‘Nalanda way’ of teaching and learning made me choose this University. I particularly like the interdisciplinary nature of education at the University.” Pavni is interested in Cultural Anthropology, and the Anthropology of Religion and Oral Traditions in South Asia.

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