Programmes Offered for the Academic Session 2023-24

The University offers the following programmes –


The School offers Master’s programme in World Literature which is open to both Indian and International students/professionals. The programme prepares students to play an active and creative role in today’s multi-polar world. It explores literature and culture across languages, and investigates the intersections among literatures, cultures, media, and disciplines, with a specific focus on South Asia and Southeast Asia. The programme offers a broad foundation for further research in literary and cultural studies. The mission of the curriculum is to provide students with a thorough grounding in the Humanities knowledge domains. Based on the interdisciplinary tradition of Nalanda University, the programme encourages the
students to integrate insights and approaches from diverse domains into their

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Master’s in Sanātana Hindu Studies

Over the millennium, the ancient seers, saints living across the river Sindhu made intuitive realisation of the eternal spiritual truth (satya). They visualised the core principles which governs the world causing material as well as spiritual progress of every living being known as dharma.

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MBA in Sustainable Development and Management in the School of Management Studies

The school offers MBA programme in Sustainable Development and Management which is open to both Indian and International students/ professionals.The objective of the school is to train students who would not only be sensitive to current trends of market for sustainable growth but also provide innovative solutions to the multifarious global sustainable growth but also innovate solutions to the multifarious global challenges of sustainability.

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Master’s and PhD in Historical Studies

Master’s and PhD in Historical Studies The School offers internationally competitive M.A and Ph.D degrees that focus on Asian, global and comparative history. Students will gain an incisive understanding of comparative and trans-regional history. They will also acquire knowledge of global history through a rigorous engagement in methodological and theoretical perspectives critical for multidisciplinary historical research.

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Master’s and PhD in Ecology and Environment Studies

The School offers MSc and PhD degrees.The course is designed for students coming from various disciplinary backgrounds in social science, humanities, engineering, and natural sciences. Students are required to complete a dissertation at the end of the second year to obtain the degree. Students are required to reside at Rajgir for the duration of their Master’s Degree.

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Master’s and PhD in Buddhist Studies,Philosophy and Comparative Religion

The School will offer an M.A. Degree that focuses on academic studies of Buddhist and other religious traditions with a scholastic rigour. The School will look at Buddhist traditions in their wider socio-historical- cultural contexts. Apart from giving emphasis in Buddhism the School focuses on broad aspects like: Methodology and theory which establishes Religious Studies as discipline in it’s in own right.

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Diploma and Certificate in Languages

The School of Languages and Literature/ Humanities aims to equip the students with the ability to access rich resources in the language of their specialisation, to gain an appreciative and insightful understanding of the perspectives of the cultural context of the target language and provide translation/interpretation from a foreign language into English or Hindi with sophistication and sensitivity. The School recognizes translation and interpretation as an important intellectual and creative activity and seeks to realize a national capability in these areas through innovative courses of studies.

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A “live-laboratory” for research and innovation the University will co-create knowledge to benefit local communities

Programs designed to Encourage Experiential learning and promote Original Research

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