Language Lab

School of Languages and Literature/ Humanities at Nalanda University houses a state-of-the-art language laboratory for the students who are enrolled in various language learning programmes. The innovative programmes, with specially designed courses, enable the production of requisite pedagogical materials imperative, particularly in the case of teaching of languages.


The primary role of the lab is to create an environment where students feel comfortable speaking the language they are learning, and where they can get the help they need in their journey to learn a second or third language.

  • To facilitate and support the use of innovative technology-based instructional materials and language learning systems
  • To provide hands-on training in Speaking and Listening
  • To provide on-site support
  • To enable self-learning

Interactive Instruction

For students, the Language Lab is a great source for international content. Through the use of advanced language acquisition programmes, the lab gives instructors the ability to communicate actively in the student’s foreign language education. These programmes are required, and strongly recommended, for students to acquire language competence, and are closely coordinated with the texts being used in each course.

One-on-One Instruction

Students can access multi-media resources, including audio and visual aids curated for language acquisition, keeping in mind their needs and global trends. Individual attention is given to each student in terms of tasks and exercises. Here the students can experiment with real-life speech samples and texts to learn the technicalities of a language and exercise in their usage.

With the help of multimedia and web-based contents, the students have access to information quickly and this allows the teacher to design various types of classroom activities thus personalising the learning process, encouraging creativity, innovation and skill in favour of a better learning environment.

Currently, the Language Lab provides support for the short term programmes for English language courses. It is aimed to enhance the listening, speaking, reading and writing (LSRW) skills of the students. The learning resources consist of explication of grammar, sounds, syllable-stress, rhythm, intonation, situational dialogues among the numerous topics encompassing the LSRW skills. The materials and exercises are designed to help the students to have a better grip of the language as per international standards. The Lab also provides various useful links, websites, and apps for language learning.

Potential and Career Prospect

As an integral centre for language studies, the Lab can act as a support system for modern and ancient language acquisition and research. Supplementing digital learning with an interactive, multi-cultural environment would encourage acquisition of language competence, preparing the learners for future employment.

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