Ven. Dr. Pooja Dabral

Ven. Dr. Pooja Dabral

Assistant Professor
School of Buddhist Studies, Philosophy and Comparative religion
School of Languages and Literature/Humanities

Ven. Dr. Pooja Dabral is an Assistant Professor at the School of Buddhist Studies, Philosophy and Comparative Religion, as well as the School of Language, Literature and Philosophy, Nalanda University. She gained her PhD degree from the University of Delhi. Her doctoral thesis is titled ‘Arya Nagarjunas Philosophy of Emptiness and Je Tsongkhapa’s Exposition: Dissent in Two Prolific Periods. With a research focus on Madhyamaka Philosophy and Buddhist Psychology, she has published papers on the themes of Emptiness (Shunyata), Mind and Cognition in Buddhist Psychology. Form and Substance in Buddhist Philosophy, and so forth. She has also collaborated to produce publications for Tibet House, Delhi, such as The Blaze of Non-Dual Bodhicittas Buddhist Psychology’ and so forth. to produce publications for Tibet House, Delhi, such as ‘The Blaze of Non-Dual Bodhicittas ·, ‘Buddhist Psychology · and so forth.

Pooja has experience convening numerous national and international conferences. She has also presented papers in them on a variety of topics, including the Practice of Emptiness, Nonlocality and Individuation in Buddhist Philosophy, Buddhist Perspective on Matter and Particles, Vijnanavada Tradition. the Mind of Bodhicitta and Tathagatagarbha in Mahayana Tradition and so on.

Prior to joining Nalanda University, Ven. Dr. Pooja served as Assistant Professor at the Department of Buddhist and Tibetan Studies, Namgyal Institute of Tibetology (affiliated with Sikkim Central University), Sikkim, from 2019-2023. As a founding faculty, she helped set up the MA programme at NIT, including establishing and developing the entire curriculum, grading system, syllabus structure and supplementary readings. She has supervised numerous MA dissertations and been a member of the Research Advisory Committee for PhD thesis. She specialises in teaching Madhyamaka Philosophy, Buddhist Psychology, and Mahayana Tradition and Practice.

Pooja is proficient in Tibetan and German and has experience of teaching the latter for many years at the University of Delhi and other institutes.

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