(EQUIVALENT to MA in English)

Students in the MA programme gain a broad acquaintance with gamut of literature across the genres from around the world, transitions in the field of literary studies, literary and cultural texts, theories and methodologies of study as well as undertake coursework with specific, closely defined topics on a variety of literatures and cultures and through a variety of materials.

Why Master’s at Nalanda?

  • A research-intensive programme.
  • Innovative curriculum covering a wide range of literary traditions and emergent areas of research.
  • Open for students from any streams passionate about literature and culture.
  • Interdisciplinary orientation, with a wide range of specialized electives to choose from.
  • World literature in focus: explores literary and cultural traditions across the world.
  • Focus on the singular nature of diverse reflective and literary traditions.
  • Defining intersections among literature, culture, theory, aesthetics and philosophy.
  • A close engagement with the significant pre-modern and contemporary texts.

Programme Overview

  1. 1. Course Curriculum
  2. 2. MA Dissertation
  3. 3. Grade Policy

Our course distribution requirements are designed to provide each student with familiarity across a diverse range of knowledge domains as well a broad spectrum of thematic and/or methodological concerns. The School values both traditional historical fields as well as non- historical ways of conceiving literature and criticism, and considers that the study of literature includes the study of creative and reflective expressions.

1. Course Curriculum

  • 10 Core courses equivalent to 30 credits (3 X 10)
  • 7 Electives equivalent to 21 credits (3 X 7)
  • 4 Reading Seminar courses equivalent to 4 credits (1 X 4)
  • Dissertation equivalent to 9 credits

Total: 64 credits

Semester I: Foundation Courses

  • 4 Core courses
  • 1 Elective
  • 1 Reading Seminar

Semester II: Bridge Courses

  • 3 Core courses
  • 2 Electives
  • 1 Reading Seminar

Semester III: Advanced Courses

  • 2 Core courses
  • 3 Electives
  • 1 Reading Seminar

Semester IV: Specialized Courses

  • 1 Core Course
  • 1 Elective
  • 1 Reading Seminar
  • Dissertation

Additional Credit courses:

  • Research Seminars
  • Academic Writing
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Writing
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