Field Trip to Rajgir Archaeological Sites School of Historical Studies (SHS)

A field trip to the archaeological sites of Rajgir was conducted on 03.04.2022 by the faculty members of the School of Historical Studies. The students were educated about the following archaeological sites: Ajathasatru fort, Cyclopean wall/fortification wall of old Rajagriha city, inner rampart, chariot wheel marks site, ancient shell script site, Chorma Cave, Maniyar Math, […]

SBSPCR extension lectures by Prof. Diwakar Acharya

SBSPCR conducted a series of Extension lectures by Prof. Diwakarnath Acharya, Spalding Professor of Eastern Religions and Ethics at the University of Oxford as a part of the courses named ‘Sources of Indian Knowledge Tradition: Sūtra, Vārtika & Bhāṣya’ offered to the III semester students and ‘Vālmīki-Rāmāyaṇa: Textual and Thematic Study’ offered to the II […]

Lecture Program on the Importance of Thīrthayātra in Buddhist Tradition

The SBSPCR organised a joint academic event between Nalanda University, Rajgir, India and Dongguk University, South Korea, on February 24, 2023. The details of the speakers and the topic on which they spoke are as follows: Prof. HWANG Soonil, D. Phil, Dean, College of Buddhism, Dongguk University Dr. Park Cheonghwan (Ven. Jongduk), D. Phil, Director, […]

SBSPCR Extension Lector of Professor Antonino Raffone

The School of Buddhist Studies, Philosophy and Comparative Religions conducted a series of Lectures on Buddhist Cognitive Psychology for the 2nd Semester of M.A students. In Buddhist Studies, Philosophy and Comparative Religions. Professor Anotnino Raffone took the online classes on ‘Buddhist Cognitive Psychology according to Five Aggregates (Pancakhandha) in Buddhism’ for 7 hours from March […]

SBSPCR Extension lectures of Prof. Pradeep Gokhale

SBSPCR conducted a series of Extension lectures of Prof. Pradeep Gokhale, Ex-Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Savitribai Phule Pune University, India as a part of a Course named ‘The Philosophical Tenets of Buddhism: Mādhyamika Traditions’ offered to the 4th Semester students of M.A. in Buddhist Studies, Philosophy & Comparative Religions. These lectures were conducted […]

Educational field trip to Bodhgaya

An educational field trip to Bodhgaya was organised on 01.04.2023 for Students by the SBSPCR. About twenty-five students and three faculty members participated in this trip. Visit to Dungeshwari cave The group visited Dungeshwari by taking a small hilly trail to visit the Buddhist cave temples. A brief talk on a description of the historical […]

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