SEES Field Trip to Sabalpur: Understanding the water scenario in the area

January 23, 2017

On January 21, 2017, students from the Class of 2018 in the School of Ecology and Environment Studies, who are focusing on water as a part of their class project went for a Field Trip to Sabalpur Village to understand the water scenario in the area.

Students engaged with the villagers to understand various water related problems faced by them, explored the different sources of water utilised for irrigation and drinking purposes. They also found out how villagers’ dependency on different sources of water changes through the year. Additional information like seasonal crops, villagers normally cultivate, what role does technology plays in their life in terms of extraction of ground water was also collected. The aim of the students was to understand water use pattern in the area, various problems associated with water resources as well as to evaluate the scope of sustainability in the current water scenario.

In order to evaluate, compare and understand the difference in quality of water available in different areas, students also measured the depth of the water level in different wells and collected water samples from open wells and hand pumps at various sites to check for pH and electrical conductivity.

SEES field trip to Sabalpur village in Rajgir

Students conducting the study during the Field Trip to Sabalpur, Rajgir

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