Details of ECPT & BOQ, Technical Specifications and Tender Drawings

Corrigendum  pdf-icon

Pre-bid Queries and Replies  pdf-icon

Sno. Document Title Download PDF
Appendix A
Soil Investigation Report pdf-icon
Appendix B
NU-SitePlan-Survey pdf-icon
Appendix C
Typ. Detail of Corner Bar & Typ. Detail of Jambs for openings pdf-icon
Appendix D
Report on Making of CSEB Block-NU pdf-icon
Appendix E
NU Non Residential Area Statement pdf-icon
Appendix F
1 NUC(1)-Academic Building-E4.00 pdf-icon
2 NUC(1)-Admin-E4.0 pdf-icon
3 NUC(1)-Central Amenities-E4.0 pdf-icon
4 NUC(1)-Commercial Market-E4.0 pdf-icon
5 NUC(1)-Communication Center-E4.0 pdf-icon
6 NUC(1)-Cricket Pavillon-E4.1 pdf-icon
7 NUC(1)-Dining Hall-E4.0 pdf-icon
8 NUC(1)-Infirmary Faculty Club-E4.1 pdf-icon
9 NUC(1)-School and Creche-E4.0 pdf-icon
10 NUC(1)-Sports Center-E4.1 pdf-icon
11 NUC-Campus Inn-E4.0 pdf-icon
12 NUC-International Center-E4.0 pdf-icon
13 NUC-Outreach Center-E3.2 pdf-icon
14 NUC-Outreach Center-E4.0 pdf-icon
15 NUC-Outreach Center-E5.0 pdf-icon


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1 Estimated cost put to Tender (ECPT) pdf-icon
2 Schedule A DSR Items (BOQ-DSR) pdf-icon
3 Schedule-B Market Rate Items (BOQ-MRI) pdf-icon
4 List of approved makes for Civil Works pdf-icon
5 List of approved makes for Plumbing Works pdf-icon
6 Approved makes Basket for Sanitarywares & Plumbing Fixtures pdf-icon
7 List of approved makes for Fire Fighting Works pdf-icon
8 List of approved makes for Electrical Works pdf-icon

Technical Specifications

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1 Technical Specifications Part – I (Civil Works) pdf-icon
2 Technical Specifications Part- II (Services Works) pdf-icon

Tender Drawings

Sno. Document Title Download PDF
1 Academic Spine Part 1 pdf-icon
2 Academic Spine Part 2 pdf-icon
3 Academic Spine Part 3 pdf-icon
4 International Center & Campus Inn pdf-icon
5 Student Amenities pdf-icon
6 Dining Hall pdf-icon
7 Outreach Center pdf-icon
8 ESR pdf-icon
9 School-Part 1 pdf-icon
10 School-Part 2 pdf-icon
11 Medical Center & Faculty Club pdf-icon
12 Sports Center pdf-icon
13 Cricket Pavilion pdf-icon
14 Commercial Market pdf-icon
15 Entry gates pdf-icon
16 Promenade Blocks pdf-icon
17 Substations pdf-icon
18 Parking Structure pdf-icon
1 Landscape Set-Non residential pdf-icon
1 Site Plan Phase 1 pdf-icon
2 Academic Spine Part-1 pdf-icon
3 Academic Spine Part-2 pdf-icon
4 Academic Spine Part-3 pdf-icon
5 Academic Spine Part-4 pdf-icon
6 Campus Inn pdf-icon
7 International Center pdf-icon
8 Student Amenities pdf-icon
9 Dining Hall pdf-icon
10 Outreach Center pdf-icon
11 NU School pdf-icon
12 Medical Center & Faculty Club pdf-icon
13 Sports Center pdf-icon
14 Cricket Pavillion pdf-icon
15 Commercial Market pdf-icon
1 Structure-Part 1 pdf-icon
2 Structure-Part 2 pdf-icon
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